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 Emergency Dental Care Naperville Illinois

Dental emergencies are highly common and can happen to anyone. It might occur due to some accidental injury while playing or while eating some hard item. Whatever your story of dental emergency is, there are higher chances that you might require professional dental care & aid. During a dental emergency, while getting to your dentist as soon as possible is your topmost priority, it is equally important to take care of things that can prevent any further damage to your teeth & gums.

For your ease, we have carved out a list of the top most common dental emergencies that you should know about:

  • Cavities: Dental cavities happen to be the most common dental emergency out there. When acid produced due to the reaction between certain food materials & bacteria in your saliva start decomposing the topmost layer of your tooth enamel, dental cavities are formed. These are holes on your tooth and might even reach the jawbone when left untreated. Therefore, owing to the seriousness of the issue, it is vital for you to get dental cavities treated as soon as possible.


  • Chipped Tooth: This is yet another dental emergency that might occur due to several reasons including some injury or under strong impact by something. In such cases, it is important to you visit your dental expert to get it corrected as soon as possible. Take proper care & precautions are mentioned by the dentist after teeth correcting treatment for chipped tooth or teeth.


  • Toothache: There could be several reasons for toothache or pain in your teeth. Most importantly, toothache might occur suddenly and anywhere. This could suggest some tooth decay, gum disease, or additional dental issues that need inspection by a dental expert as soon as possible.


  • Jaw Pain or Broken Jaw: If you have hurt your jaw badly in some accident, it is recommended for you to see your dentist immediately. Ensure that there is no swelling in your face or jaw line. Avoid eating solid food until your dentist suggests the same.


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