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General Dentistry for your whole family Naperville

General Dentistry service near Naperville, Some people think the health of their teeth and gums is separate from the health of the rest of their body,

Dr. Lenz reminds you that healthy gums and supporting tissues are critical to oral health and total wellness, and are the foundation for building every beautiful smile.

Gum disease can lead to the loss of otherwise healthy teeth, and has been linked to more serious medical conditions including heart disease, stroke, pancreatic cancer and diabetes.

Please ask our staff, to learn more about our preventive gum care and treatments!

On Site Dental Lab

To cater to your specific needs, Dr. Lenz personally handcrafts custom dental restorations in our on-site dental laboratory.

In our dental lab, Dr. Lenz creates natural looking, custom-shaded, precision restorations, including all porcelain crowns, veneers, implant support restorations, bridges and dentures using advanced materials, equipment, and techniques.

Come in and see how your smile can benefit from custom-crafted dental restorations & the expertise of a Prosthodontic Specialist like Dr. Lenz.

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