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Fluoride Treatment Naperville illinois

Fluoride Treatment: When you talk about dental health & hygiene, you must have come across the term “fluoride”. It is a common fact that dentists recommend making use of fluoride-based toothpastes that help in strengthening your teeth and preventing it from potential tooth decay & gum diseases. Most of the commercial toothpastes & mouth rinses out there contain fluoride as their active ingredient.

Usually, the professional fluoride treatments are topically applied and offer physical strength to your teeth. The fluoride treatments are carried out only under the guided supervision of a professional dental expert and might offer additional benefits to the overall health of your teeth & gums. Here are some points to consider:

  • Fluoride is a Natural Mineral: For those might not know about it, fluoride is a natural mineral that is found in water, rocks, and soil. Fluoride is the 13th most abundant mineral or element on Earth’s crust. Fluoride appears in the natural groundwater in varying levels.


  • Professional Fluoride Treatments are Worthwhile: Irrespective of the total amount that you pay for fluoride treatments, the overall cost is all worth it. Professional fluoride treatment serves to be less expensive significantly in comparison to the cost of repairing the tooth decay or damage prevented by it. Fluoride treatment is a preventive treatment that helps your body in fighting cavities and tooth decays naturally. When you prevent tooth decays, you are eventually saving money on frequent trips to your dental expert.


  • Fluoride Prevents Cavities By Strengthening Tooth Enamel: Our tooth enamel is in a constant battle between demineralization & remineralization. Demineralization is the process in which the bacteria in your mouth consume carbohydrates to produce acid and decay the tooth enamel. On the other hand, remineralization is the process wherein the minerals present in the saliva work towards hardening & strengthening the enamel. Fluoride treatment helps in amplifying the process of remineralization.


  • Fluoride Treatment is for All: As individuals of all ages are prone to tooth decay & cavity-formation, fluoride treatment is considered ideal for all and not just for kids.
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