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Oral Surgery Types and What to Expect: There are several reasons or dental conditions that might lead you to an oral surgery. Indeed, you would not relish the idea of a surgery. However, with the help of professional oral surgery, you can resolve major dental problems and improve the overall aesthetics of your dental area effectively. If you are looking forward to gaining more information on the different types of oral surgeries, here are some of the most common types for you:

  • Impacted Wisdom Teeth: The wisdom teeth or the 3rd molars are usually the last ones to develop in an individual. While sometimes these wisdom teeth might come out naturally without any issues, there are times when these teeth do not erupt properly and might lead to alignment issues. This leads to the wisdom teeth becoming impacted between the jawbone and the gums. As a result, this might affect the alignment & health of the nearby teeth as well. This type of dental condition can be easily treated with the help of oral surgery.

  • Dental Implants: In order to replace a missing or broken tooth, the dental surgeons usually perform an oral surgery to implant a metal-post tooth-like material on the jawbone. Over the passage of time, this metal dental implant fuses with the gum tissue & bones and helps in creating a strong supporting system to place an artificial tooth.

  • Jaw Surgery: When jaws are not aligned properly, the dental surgeons carry out a proper jaw surgery. This can help in improving the overall aesthetics and functionality of your jaw area.

  • Biopsies: When you have a lesion in your mouth, the dental specialists usually perform a biopsy for checking any signs of oral cancer. In this surgery, a small portion of tissue from your gum area is taken and sent to the labs for further analysis.

  • Reconstructive Surgery: Major facial injuries or knocked-out teeth can serve to be significant challenges in everyday life for chores like eating, speaking, and others. In such cases, dental surgeons carry out proper reconstructive surgery to improve the overall dental structure.
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