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Teeth Whitening Treatment for Sparkling Teeth

Zoom is a specialized bleaching process that is widely used across the world for lightening the discoloration of the dentin and the enamel. There are several reasons due to which tooth discoloration might occur. It could be a result of consuming tea, coffee, wine, and smoking. The aging process is also responsible for producing stains and darkening your teeth.

The unique Zoom teeth whitening treatment makes use of the Zoom Advanced Power Chairside lamp that is claimed to be accelerating the overall bleaching process. This activates the main ingredient -25 percent of Hydrogen Peroxide whitening material. As the hydrogen peroxide gets broken down, oxygen finds its way into the dentin & enamel and achieves bleaching of the stained areas. As such, the other areas of the tooth remains unaffected leaving with you a sparkling smile all over.

Effective Results of the BleachTeeth Whitening Treatment

Whitening treatments can help in reducing visible stains and discoloration on your teeth. However, when you resume consuming coffee, tea, and smoking, the discoloration of your teeth might reappear. With regular maintenance of teeth cleaning & whitening procedures can help in combating recurring discoloration & staining. With the help of Zoom teeth whitening procedure, it has been found that it can help significantly in reducing teeth whitening fade-back process.

The Zoom teeth whitening treatment is a highly safe, effective, and instantaneous teeth whitening treatment. In less than the duration of one hour in time, your teeth can become whiter dramatically. Moreover, the Zoon teeth whitening treatment is considered ideal for any individual who might be looking for immediate results. The degree of whiteness, however, might vary from one person to another depending on the structure of teeth.


Teeth sensitivity is a common complaint of the patients after this high-tech treatment. However, with proper care, sensitivity can be controlled effectively. In rare cases, minor tingling might be observed. But, this sensation also dissipates with time. Like any other whitening treatment or products, the Zoom treatment is not recommended for lactating women, pregnant women, and children below 13 years of age.

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