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On-Site Dental Lab

To cater to your specific needs, Dr. Lenz personally handcrafts custom dental restorations in our on-site dental laboratory.

Changes While You Wait!

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Providing the Very Best On-Site Care

In our dental lab, Dr. Lenz creates natural looking, custom-shaded, precision restorations, including all porcelain crowns, veneers, implant support restorations, bridges and dentures using advanced materials, equipment, and techniques.

Come in and see how your smile can benefit from custom-crafted dental restorations & the expertise of a Prosthodontic Specialist like Dr. Lawrence Lenz.



Not all teeth are designed the same! Everyone’s tooth color or “shade” is different.  Having an On-Site Dental Lab ensures that your lab work will be your natural shade.



Everyone’s teeth are shaped differently!  Having an on-site dental lab is so important when you’re determining size and shape of your replacement tooth/teeth. Our lab can easily make adjustments while you’re in the dental chair!



Especially when working with your front teeth (anterior teeth), it is important to be sure the teeth don’t “stick out” too far.  That is your profile. With an on-site dental lab, in most cases, changes to the profile of your lab work can be made while you wait!



Sometimes, your new lab work can be a little “high” in spots or you may feel as though you’re biting down in an unfamiliar way. Having an on-site dental lab will allows most changes to be made to your lab work while you wait!

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“Dr. Lenz & his staff are professional. You can’t get better care anywhere else. Dr. Lenz stays current on the latest technology so he can offer his patients the best oral care possible.”

Michael G.


Superior Dental Care is Our Mission

For your convenience, we offer evening hours until 9:00 p.m. on Tuesdays & Thursdays.  Dr. Lenz and his dedicated team strive to offer all the advantages of high quality, comprehensive dental care for you and your family.  Contact us today to schedule your appointment.

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