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Tooth decay & gum disease are the most common and prevalent dental diseases that affect almost a majority of the world’s population. However, these are also the most easily preventable diseases when taken care of properly. Tooth decay is associated with the erosion of the enamel of your tooth which leads to holes in the tooth surface, known as cavities. When left untreated, these cavities or holes could deepen and the entire tooth might be at a risky situation. The infection caused by the bacteria accumulation in such cavities could spread out to the root canal, gums, and even jawbone. Both tooth decay & gum disease is related to unexpected tooth loss & additional health problems.

The good news is that both of these dental issues are easily preventable with a few extra steps. Here are some helpful ways:

  • Brushing Teeth Twice a Day: You must never underestimate the importance of brushing your teeth twice a day as recommended by the dental experts. Brushing your teeth twice a day helps in removing plaque development and prevents tooth decay & related gum diseases.


  • Daily Flossing: Brushing is never complete without proper flossing. The dental floss is able to reach out to the most difficult areas of your teeth and thus, helps in deep cleaning.


  • Avoid Sugar: Sugary & starchy foods are the most common causes of tooth decay. Sugar reacts with the bacteria present in your saliva towards forming an acid that leads to the erosion of the tooth’s surface.


  • Make Use of Mouthwash: For offering an additional boost to the overall hygiene of your dental health, you can rinse off your mouth with an anti-bacterial dental mouthwash from a reliable company.


  • Use Fluoride-based Toothpaste: Fluoride helps in strengthening the enamel of the teeth. This can thus, help in combating tooth decay and related gum diseases.


  • Clean Your Tongue: Tooth decay and other associated dental problems might also be caused due to your unclean tongue. Therefore, it is equally important to clean your tongue daily with a high-quality tongue-cleaner.
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