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The Wrigley Company (as in the chewing gum) has developed an interest in your dental health!  As a service to Dental Service Providers, they are asking patients a lot of questions about what they really want from their dentist.  They surveyed 1,000 dental patients and 1,272 dental professionals to find out just exactly what their priorities were and some other interesting facts.  Here’s what they found out…

What do patients want from their Dental Professionals?

• 52% want more product samples

You may be surprised to know that a good portion of the samples you receive at your dental visit are actually paid for by the dentist office and not given to them as a complimentary gift from a company’s representative.  While we do receive some “freebies”, there are not nearly as many as we received in the years past!  So when you get your bag of goodies, remember that the dentist is incurring the cost of supplying your home with some really great swag!

• 44% want to be rewarded for their healthy behavior

Getting a little reward for your healthy behavior is a nice treat!  A compliment goes a long way.  Check with your dentist and see if they have a “No Cavity Club”.  If they don’t, maybe they’ll consider creating one!

• 44% want tips for a healthy mouth

Ask your dental professional if they have a dental blog on their website.  Also, your dentist and hygienist are a wealth of knowledge and they’ll have a plethora of information to share with you.  Just ask!  They will be happy you’re interested and happy to share!  Our office is in the process of creating a brand new blog page on our website so that we can share healthy tips, great specials & more. Subscribe to our blog here to get the latest news!

• 39% said they want their Dentist to know them better & 32% said they want their Hygienist to know them better

Does your dental professional take the time to get to know you?  Do they know your children?  Your spouse?  Your job?  Your interests?  You may not know this, but most dental professionals keep notes for each patient so they remember to ask them about certain events that have happened in their lives (vacation, wedding, college, little league team).  It’s a great way for them to stay connected with their patients!  Having a positive relationship with your dental care providers is essential to receiving the results you want for your smile.

• 72% said they’d be open to communication between visits & 67% said it would have a positive impact on your relationship

Having communication between visits is vital.  Whether you have insurance questions or general questions, the staff is able to answer any questions you may have.  If they don’t know the answer, they’ll surely find out! Some offices invite patients to participate in Patient Appreciation Events, Drawings & fun office prizes, so be sure to get involved!

• 75% said they were most annoyed with being unable to respond to questions while in the dental chair

Some people believe that dental professionals are trained to put their hands in your mouth as soon as a question is asked.  It sure seems that way sometimes!  LOL!!  In reality, they are really just thinking and working at the same time.  If you have an interesting conversation going on before your dental work starts, they may think of something while they’re working and ask questions.  Believe it or not, most of the time, they really do know what you’re saying when you “dental speak” back to them.  It’s an acquired skill that they pride themselves on.  So the next time you feel frustrated by your lack of ability to form your words around the dental tools or the gloved hands, simply wait for a moment, use the suction to clear your saliva and answer the questions.  They’ll be patient for you!

• 57% said they’re focused on relaxing, meditating or resting

The best compliment you can pay any dental professional is to sit back, relax and zone out.  That shows them that you are confident in their abilities.  It also shows that you understand they have your best interest at heart.  There are even patients who fall asleep in the dental chair!  What a great compliment to that dental care provider! Using headphones is another way to relax and usually won’t get in the way of what your dental provider is doing, so don’t hesitate to ask if it’s ok to wear them!   We’re curious to know what you think!  Send us an email or tell us on Social Media.  We want to always be at the forefront of technology, but we also want to keep the most important ingredient at the forefront… and that’s YOU!  Let us know how we’re doing!

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